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Now, I’m not a huge sports fan, by any stretch of the imagination…but I would pay to see these girls perform.  I know they’re doing this for a half-time show during a basketball game, but they deserve the credit for being great athletes in their own right.  These girls are …

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Our New Baby!

Our new van.This is our new van.  It’s a 2004 Honda Odyssey EXL.  It has been a dream/goal of ours to get a Honda for several years now and have finally been able to do it!  Between the refinancing of our house and our tax refund…well, it was just the right time.…

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50 Ways to Leave Your ‘puter


50 Ways to Leave Your ‘puter

By Morag Mortimer-Smythe

Do you have problems tearing yourself away from your computer? Stay up half the night burning the midnight oil? Completely knackered the following morning?

Then you may need to practise Simonism. Any Paul Simon song is usually guaranteed to send …

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Praise God for Family!

GrandkidsTuesday was pretty scary.  Scott’s dad had eye surgery, which went just fine.  In recovery, though, he had two heart attacks.  He was unresponsive till after midnight.  The doctors told Mom that she should call all the family in, so she did.

We drove in from Michigan, Nathan and family …

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