Now, I’m not a huge sports fan, by any stretch of the imagination…but I would pay to see these girls perform.  I know they’re doing this for a half-time show during a basketball game, but they deserve the credit for being great athletes in their own right.  These girls are impressive!

Okay, I just read this article and have to say I’m totally AMAZED!  I was impressed when I thought these girls were college students–but they’re NOT…they are grade school and junior high school students!  Wow…just wow!

Kristen Hall, now a senior at Kings High School and a former Firecracker of four years. “It really helped me grow and it made me more comfortable about my self-esteem after performing in front of thousands of people.”

The team has performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, on the Late Show with David Letterman, at a Chicago Bulls game (as well as many, many college games), and in the 2005 Presidential Inauguration Parade in Washington DC.  And to think…it all started because one teacher was creative and cared enough to open up another sports team opportunity for girls that she was given responsibility for!

Kudos to Coach Lynn Kelley for making a HUGE impact on these girls lives and being a great role model!  We need more teachers like her!

Check the Kings Firecrackers Website to see if they are performing near you!

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