Praise God for Family!

GrandkidsTuesday was pretty scary.  Scott’s dad had eye surgery, which went just fine.  In recovery, though, he had two heart attacks.  He was unresponsive till after midnight.  The doctors told Mom that she should call all the family in, so she did.

We drove in from Michigan, Nathan and family drove in from North Carolina, and Bret and family drove in from Ohio.  We all arrived within hours of each other.  By the time we got there, Dad had come to and was doing much better than he had been the previous night.   He continued to get better over the next couple of days…miraculously so!  The doctor sent him home from the hospital on Friday!  God was truly gracious!

While the situation wasn’t ideal, it was nice to see all the family.  There were actually two new little ones that have been born since we’ve all been together–and they’re a year and a half old!

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