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Blogging Insight from the Stage

Well, as you all know, I’m a Drama Queen!  :)  This post over at Profitable Mommy Blogging really caught my attention.  It showed the amazing similarities between blogging an stage acting.  It was very insightful and I would encourage you to read the whole article!


How Stage Actors Can Help

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Getting Fit While Blogging

I found a very interesting article today about getting fit while blogging.  It’s a little cheeky, but some good ideas, nonetheless.  Each point was given an internet-appropriate title, such as:

9. Blogger Breather – Grab a quick minute to just close your eyes and focus on your …

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Happy New Year!

Well, last year, I challenged myself to take a picture each day.  Well, I didn’t make it through the whole 365, but it did accomplish my real purpose, which was for me to get into a habit of taking more pictures.  This year, I am challenging myself to blog something

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