Blogging Insight from the Stage

Well, as you all know, I’m a Drama Queen!  :)  This post over at Profitable Mommy Blogging really caught my attention.  It showed the amazing similarities between blogging an stage acting.  It was very insightful and I would encourage you to read the whole article!


How Stage Actors Can Help You Become A Better Blogger

This is a Guest Blog Post by Rajeev Edmonds of MintBlogger. Follow him @mintblogger

The blogger in you is continuously evolving while you write, connect and engage with your audience. It’s a learning curve that refines your skills, your persona and your approach towards dealing with things that you do in daily life. We learn from peers, from our readers and from the people around us.

In brief, the main points are:

  • Dealing With Criticism
  • Learning From Superiors
  • Dual Identity
  • Multitasking
  • Memorizing Ability

However, the text under each point is really insightful and I would highly encourage you to read the whole article.  Thanks to Kelly for publishing this great article and to Rajeev for his insight!

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