4 Things You Can Do to Welcome More Joy into Your Life

Many people believe that if only they could achieve certain things they would be happier. The truth is that happiness is a choice that you need to make constantly in your life. Not just one time but every day and every moment.

1- Keep your thoughts positively aligned.

Certain thoughts can bring sadness. If we allow our minds to dwell on them, we will consequently feel the sadness. The solution to this is realizing that negative thoughts have come into our minds. When we see this happening we can redirect our thoughts to a more positive perspective.

2- There are different ways to see the exact same event.

To illustrate this fact, let’s take a real life example. Some people think that birthday parties are a waste of time and feel very annoyed if they have to plan one. They can either throw the party while grumbling and complaining or they can change the way they look at birthday parties and be joyful while planning them. A positive way of looking at birthday parties is that they are great for the person’s self esteem and provide a wonderful opportunity to bring family and friends together for a fun time.
The same event can be seen through a positive light or a negative one. The power is in our hands to choose the perspective that we want to have in any situation in life. We can do the same task with happiness or with gloom. It’s completely up to us.

3- Be aware of your internal dialogue.

Everyone has an internal dialogue going on in their minds. Some people are more aware of it than others. The more aware you are of what goes on in your mind, the more power you have over those thoughts. It may be that you are feeling positive and all of a sudden anxiety and stress start to take over your soul. Some kind of negative thought took hold and it can happen in just one moment. The second you see this happening you need to tell yourself that any negative thought is not true. Simply decide that you won’t accept them and start to repeat good, uplifting and positive thoughts to yourself until you feel your soul be free of sadness or anxiety.

4- Incorporate certain habits for a more relaxing life.

Tension and stress don’t leave a lot of room for us to experience joy. The more you can do each day to relieve tension and stress the more happiness you will feel. Take certain steps to be have more peace and calm in your daily life. Listen to calm instrumental music, talk to a fun friend on the phone, take breaks in between tasks, take long hot baths, practice a sport at least 3 times a week. Reward yourself when you finish a difficult project. Life is not just about work work work. Give yourself permission to simply rest and be entertained. Your soul needs it.

If you do these things you will be creating a lifestyle that is joyful. By the way, the image in this post is my watercolor painting that’s called “Tree of Joy”.

Eren Mckay is a stay at home mom to 3 boys. She has a website with creative baby shower ideas. You can find different themes such as the ladybug baby shower , rubber duck baby shower and resources like monkey baby shower invitations on her site.

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