MMWeetup in Toronto

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Mom Masterminds

Front Row: Christie Ingram, Lexi Rodrigo, Sharon McMillan Second Row: Kelly McCausey, Leesa Barnes, Tisha Lee, Shannon O'Keeffe, Cathy Ichkhanian, Carol Bremner, Cindy Bidar, Third Row: Angela Wills, Kim Smith, Sarah Zeldman, Imie Belanger

What an awesome time we had last week in Toronto!  Kelly, Tishia, Cindy, and myself took a road trip to meet some of the long-time friends we have made online through Mom MastermindsMom Masterminds is a group of women (mostly moms) who work from home (WAHM).  We represent many, many occupations and have varied skills and talents.  Personally, I think they are all brilliant!

In no particular order:

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