Business and Learning Expo 2009

Business and Learning Expo - May 10-12, 2009

I am very excited about this year’s Business and Learning Expo!  I attended quite a few of the sessions last year and really enjoyed the time.  I felt that it was profitable and time well spent.  I was able to connect with other WAHMs and learn from their experiences, as well as just have some fun along the way!

The event has been well-organized and planned.  It’s very professional in its execution, which I really appreciate, as it gives a definite feel of being serious about our businesses.  Don’t get me wrong, we had some fun, too!  Especially at the after-hours events!

I hope that one day I’ll be able to meet some of the online friends I’ve made through these conferences.  You can view the schedule of speakers and times here.  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter, then on the next page, register as an attendee.

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