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I recently created a custom WordPress theme for Bill Cobb at Baton Rouge Real Estate Appraisers. He was so kind as to record this video and write the testimonial below. Thanks, Bill! You were great to work with!

“Hi, I’m Bill Cobb Appraiser in Baton Rouge working with WordPress Blogs for marketing help for my appraisal business. I had been searching online for about 6 months now trying a premium theme to use and couldn’t locate a theme I liked. I did find a Realtor’s website I really liked though. I found Kim Smith’s “Dramatic Design” on Ebay under the keyword “Wordpress” and emailed her about my search, the site I liked, my specifications I was looking for and to see if she could assist me. She said she could, so I purchased her Ebay Auction. Kim immediately went into action on my project, asked more questions about my desires for the site and went to work. The theme she designed is located @ and I am very pleased with Kim Smith’s Dramatic Design. Her price was reasonable, her attention to detail was superb, and her delivery was rather quick for a Web Design Company. I highly recommend .”

Bill Cobb, Appraiser – Accurate Valuations Group FHA Appraisers, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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  1. Tishia Lee Says:

    Aww what a great testimonial Kim! And a video testimonial – cool!

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