Another business up and running…

I think I’ve found my calling. I’m really excited about starting up new businesses. My business partner & I registered our DBA today and opened a joint checking account, which is something I’ve never done with anyone other than my husband. So, we’re in business. The goal is to start publishing in 2-3 weeks, which means a big push right away for advertisers and distribution places. We’ve already gotten a couple of people who have said they want to advertise and the chamber wants issues of the publication. It’s been really exciting. My goal would be for L to be able to give notice to her other job in a couple of weeks, with me following shortly thereafter. I really think it can be done.

The next idea for a new business is already in the works! I keep having to tell myself, “One business at a time!”  Haha!  🙂

I talked to the Business Referral Group leader today, too. I’m very excited about joining this, also. It’s like a BNI group, but MUCH less expensive. It’s only a $50 lifetime fee! That’s amazing! They do collect some money a couple of times a year to thank the church for allowing the group to use their facilities each week. I can’t really join this group, though, until after I leave my other job, as the times conflict with my schedule. It’s a bummer, but such is life.

I’m also doing some online freelance work and some of it was accepted by the buyer today! Woo-hoo! It may be an ongoing thing, too, so that’s really cool.

I didn’t take that insomnia-inducing medication last night, so I slept like a rock. I had to take it again tonight, as it is a part of the weaning off process, so we’ll see how it goes.

My boys are involved in Science Olympiad and the oldest one got selected to lead his team, which is very exciting. It’s so great when good things happen to people you love!

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