Sarah Palin Rogue – Grand Rapids

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Sarah Palin Going Rogue Book Signing in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Photo Credit: photo credit: elliott_andrew

Okay, I’ll admit it.  Sarah Palin is one of my heroes.  I don’t talk too much about politics –and I’m not really going to now.  I just think this woman is so brave and bold in her faith that I have to express my admiration publicly.  I am not really even talking about the woman as a politician, but as a woman who has been in the spotlight as much as she has in the past year and a half.  She has been more transparent to the world than any politician that I can remember.

When the press attacked her, she handled it with grace.  When they attacked her family, she acted just like any mom would…she actually kept her cool a whole lot better than most of us would have!  The media seemed to be on a witch-hunt and they had no mercy.  Could that have been because so many people were in Sarah’s corner?  Personally, I think it backfired on the mainstream media.  I think all the negative attention actually made people look for the reasons as to why the media was outright bashing her and realized how much of a gem she really is.

I willingly admit that I voted for Sarah Palin.  I probably would have voted Independent, had she not been on the Republican ticket.  Seeing how open and bold she is about her faith in God has really impressed me.  I would be impressed with anyone who acted as she has–high profile or not.

Sarah was in Grand Rapids this week, doing a book signing  for her new book , Going Rogue: An American Life, at Barnes & Noble…less than 30 minutes from my home.  I wasn’t able to go, but the book publisher, Zondervan, in conjunction with CBN did a great job interviewing her.  They broke it up into two segments and I will embed them below for you to watch.  It is well-worth your time.  Enjoy!

I totally have to read this book!

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